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Good Morning,


I am new to this site, and have been smoking for about 3 years. Nothing big, just for family and friends.


Here is my question....


I have an Oak tree that I will have to cut down because of Oak Gall. Is the wood from that tree ok to use in a smoker?



Thanks in advance!


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That would depend. The gall itself would not prevent me from using the wood but if its been treated with pesticides to combat the gall I would shy away from using it.


To be clear, on an untreated tree I would discard the branches that have gall on them.

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I'm not familiar with oak gall. Why don't you call a tree surgeon or an arborist to get some professional help?
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Oak itself has a mild woodsy flavor I would reaseach about the gall though if hasn't been sprayed with poison.

Good luck!
phatbac (Aaron)
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Oak gall is caused by certain types of wasps.  Can run all the way from completely unaffecting the tree to killing it.  Like others above have said, use the wood if it hasn't been tainted with a bunch of chemicals and pesticides. 

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