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Far from a Saint Jimmy and all those gripes are over a 26 year period, so its not as bad as it sounds and I left out the Beer theft from my garage, house being robbed and vandalized by the neighbors sons friends, pot smoking, fireworks out the window at 2am with a 2 year old crying all night, but I complained about them with a baseball bat and could of ended up in jail. Also didn't mention the rotweiller that almost took my arm off, so I started carrying a G#N (think this word is against forum policy) in the yard when my kids were playing, I used to mark the cats with a paintball G#N so the neighbors would confront me because they new I played outlaw paintball. I have calmed down a bit over the years.


My main point is, "take care of the neighbors that take care of you", when the shit hits the to speak (no I'm not a prepper), they'll be the first to screw you.

I see a lot of folks think playing nice works and no offense to those that feel this way, but a pissed off hornet is a pissed off hornet nothing you can do to change his mind.


I learned a long time ago after my buddy was diagnosed with MS, that we don't have much time together so spend what little time we have with those we want to spend time with...there's no time left for @$$hole neighbors.


So the next time someone feels the urge to appease an a-hole neighbor with some fine "Q" that you spent a lot of money, time and love whipping up, TAKE THAT "Q" TO A GOOD NEIGHBOR INSTEAD, because the GOOD NEIGHBOR  will be there for you when you need them!!!! Where will the bad neighbor be?????

I've gotten a lot of good advice from this forum, but Squibb, your last three paragraphs is some of the best advice you could give anyone...applies to many situations, not just smokin'!

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Sorry I spelled your name wrong!sorry.gif

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At my first apartment, a neighbor had a pickup truck old enough to have a carburetor. It also had a remote starter. He would fire it up from inside and it would run for 15 minutes with the choke closed. On a calm morning it would make the whole area REEK of carbon monoxide.

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Never thought about it. Most everyone around me does BBQ. Couple people have smokers. My neighbor on one side of me has my smoke blowing right at his yard. He never once said anything about it except how good it smells. I've shown him pics of the foods i have done. I know he walks away hungry.
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