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Ribs trim?

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Never done beef short ribs. Bought 4 bones today not cut up. I was wanting to leave some fat on top but i can see a hunk of silver skin. Should i trim it off to the meat? Smoking them in morning. Thanks
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If it is on the surface, you can remove it. I would not cut into the meat...JJ

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The ribs we get don't have enough fat on top to worry about.  Are these English or flanken cut?


Watching my saturated fat (sort of?) I would trim any fat on top to 1/4 in or less. I often trim off all when it is on the plate.


Depending on how you plan to smoke them?  Enough time over 160 to 165 internal temp or in a braise would break down most connective tissue.


As JJ said, you don't want to be cutting and wasting meat.


After a first run, you will have a much better idea.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Silverskin can be a funny thing...As a Newbie Chef I once spent time trimming every inch of Silverskin off a Pork Loin. Not wanting to waste anything and with the Dog giving me the Eyes...I sauteed the trim for her dinner. I took a taste and learned that there are some types of silverskin that are tender and perfectly edible. I don't trim Pork Loin at all any more. If what you have is not Solid Silver, as in, you can't see through it...I would just leave it there...JJ

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Thanks for the info guys
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