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Idahoan New Member - Pork Shoulder Smoking As I Type :)

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Hi Everyone, I have been using this forum for the last year and decided today to become a member. I started off smoking with a little chief and moved up into a ME30. I am in Boise, ID and spend the weekends at our family ranch in eastern Oregon. I spent a great deal of time fishing and hunting and over the last year have developed a passion for smoking and am excited to be a member here. As I type I am just finishing up a 5lb pork shoulder that was brined for 5 days in a apple juice brine, put on the smoker yesterday at 8 pm at 225 with apple and hickory wood for 5 hours of constant smoke then left alone. 1st cut of the shoulder just got pulled out at 204 and is now foiled and toweled and will rest tell the other piece is to 204. Then it will be fork shredding and covered in JJs finishing sauce and dinner with the family. Happy Smoking!

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Hello and welcome to you.
Hope your pulled pork comes out great.
Remember pictures are good things.
Have fun.

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:welcome1:  to the forum!


Glad to have you with us!


Good luck with that shoulder!



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Welcome from SE Idaho, glad ya joined us !
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Welcome from NE Ohio. Beautiful sunny 83 degree day here. Ive only been a member a few days and love it already. Great people tips,tricks, and recipes. Im doing my first pig butt right now!
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Welcome from the San Francisco bay area. Just spent a week in Boise. Daughter wanted to check out Boise state and my aunt lives in star. Thinking of moving out there in a few years when i retire. Nice areas out there. Might take another trip in the fall to check out the weather.
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