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Middle of July Bacon

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Hello from sweltering northeast PA... This week's been about 90 degrees and about 90% humidity all week. Soooo... why not make some bacon???

Last week I thawed out a piece of belly about 3# that I had left over from my big pork belly order last fall. Late last week, I used TQ and a bit of brown sugar per Bear's recipe and parked everything in a ziplock in the beer fridge. I was a little worried because I was actually about a day or so over the recommended curing time because of work commitments. That's okay though, I like things a little salty.

Since the heat is supposed to continue to be terrible this weekend, I'm doing this one as an overnight smoke. Preheated the MES to 125 degrees and lit the AMPNS with some peach and some leftover corn cob that I wanted to use up. I don't know if it's the humidity or if the pellets are just being stubborn but I had to relight the AMPNS twice within the first 15 minutes. Seeing it wasn't going to cooperate, I pulled it out and put it on my gas grill with one burner on low for about 20 minutes. Re-lit it and now it's pumping out perfect smoke.

Time for a few cold Yuenglings and some time R&R on the deck with the torches lit... Sorry no Q-view yet, there wasn't much to see. Will update when I peak in before bed and then tomorrow morning with the finished product.

Stay cool!!!
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Should be great.   Enjoying a Yuenglings here too.

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Couple quick pics at 1:00am...

Bacon slab about 4 hours in:

A bit closer:

The AMNPS doing its thing .... after a bit of being stubborn

If you look close you can see the TBS near the redneck radio rig
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Looks great so far!



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Morning updates

At 6am the AMNPS was still doing its thing

Taking on some nice color

I'm not sure what the time record is for an AMNPS, but this has to be some kind of record. It's been pumping out TBS since a little after 8pm last night (about 14 hours) and I'd say it still has another 2 hours of pellets left! I'm going to let the bacon in there until it burns out. It's going to be good-n-smokey!!!
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Finally had to pull the bacon at 12 because the sun was raising the temp on the smoker a bit too much.

Final product prior to a wrap/ziplock rest for a day or two in the fridge. I'll update with sliced pics later next week. It smells great!

The AMNPS still has about 3" of pellets left in it that I'm going use for some meatballs from Jeff's newsletter.
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Looking Great Tim!!:drool


Been Hot & Humid down here in the Flat Lands Too---Not Just up there in God's Country!!


I'll be back after you slice that Beautiful Slab!!:drool





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