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Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs

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Bacon wrapped hotdogs on the grill.

Bacon wrapped hotdog on a toasted bun with sautéed red, yellow and green peppers and shredded/melted colby jack cheese.

Thanks for looking!
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I'll take a couple please!!!


Looks delicious!!




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That looks real tasty Marty ! icon14.gif
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Looks delicious.....I'll take two please!!





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Dang, they look fine.
Do you deliver?

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It doesn't get much better than that!

Unless you add an ice cold beer!  :beercheer:



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That is a killer I want a half doz. wow Points for adding to my ever growing list and waist 




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Maybe that is what I should do one day this weekend.
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Now that's comfort food!

Keep the difibrilator handy...

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Mighty mom used to do that when we were kids.  Split the dog, stuffed it with cheddar, then wrapped with bacon.  Brings back good memories--thanks for sharing!!

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Tasty looking dogs! I had one wrapped in bacon and ripped(deep fried) it was a little to much grilled is the way to go if you ask me!
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Now that is a dog! Kudos, Mossy.



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MossyMo thats a great lookin dog there.


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Dam, I think thats the best looking dog I've seen in a long time. Awesome!

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