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Freezing peppers

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So we picked the absolute worst time to remodel our kitchen...

I have TONS of jalapenos and habaneros and no kitchen to do anything with them.

Can I wash, vacuum seal and freeze whole peppers? I plan to mainly use them in my sausage making so them losing their crispness won't really bother me.


thanks guys!

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We've always cut off the stem and split the peppers....  rinsed and  vac packed... I don't know why but that is what we did....    


Maybe the peppers took us less room when split etc...    I just do what Bride says.....

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We just vac pac them whole and freeze. Works great.
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Thanks for the advice guys. I think I'll just leave them whole. Stemming them would be nice, but that would mean dirty dishes and I have no kitchen sink. :P

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We do it all the time too. 


We don't grow our own but buy the packs of multicolored peppers & slice them up & freeze in bags for later use.



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