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Really looking for good low temp oven

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So I'm shopping for my first smoker, and have ruled out charcoal or wood. I want to work on taste rather than fire. But unless I dish out $500 or more for the smokin it unit, I'm really looking for a electric oven. Due to the concept of the electric, the coil only heats when it needs to maintain cabinet temp, to so maintaining a burn temp of the chips is not practical. I have been reading most of the reviews and comments, by the way are excellent in this forum.

I have ordered the amazin-smoker and preparing properly, now the jump to the oven. Masterbuilt, Brinkman or char broil? Which does the perfect job of holding temp? Which model will give me consistent burns? Electronic or mechanical? Glass window or not? Internal temp gauge or plan on purchasing an independent device? Stainless steel or painted metal? Insulated cabinet or don't worry about it?
I will not want to worry about any mods. I want to plug it in and go. Set it and forget it so to speak. Budget $300. Ps don't ask the wife, she said to move our electric oven out -said a great opportunity for her to buy the $1200 oven/stove, lol. Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Oh a cool touch cabinet would be a plus as the grandkids will be running around too.
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American made, insulated cabinet.....   A very good smoker....   If you want to support the Chinese, there are many smokers out there..


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Take a look at Cook Shack also...  It's American Made....

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