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Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault Review

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I replaced my old masterbuilt smoker with this guy.  I am so far very impressed.  As far as propane smokers go, I really can't complain.




1)  Size.  It is very wide, so you can lay a lot of meat side by side with easy access.  This is nice compared to my backwoods which is far deeper but slightly thinner.  The price/size of this smoker is really incredible.  


2) Holds temps very well, no issues at all.  Occasional flare-ups, but what can you do with a thin walled propane smoker.


3) Fairly easy to construct.  


4)  Cooks meat well as it should.


5) My Masterbuilt bottom burned out, which is how it sadly died.  Did I take the BEST care of it?  No I didn't, it was my first smoker and I didn't know what I was doing at first.  This smoker comes with an extra bottom shelf that fits around the propane lighter to protect it from burning out, which is very reassuring.  There is a (albeit picky) con, covered below. 



1)  The handle is not insulated.  I would wrap it in heat resistant tape if I were you, it can get very very hot.


2) The bottom shelf that protects the bottom of the smoker from burning out is porcelain.  For the price, hey I really shouldn't be complaining. 


3) It only came with two regular racks and one "jerky" rack.  I got it on amazon, and they only carry the "jerky" racks to be bought seperate.  I need to order two more regular racks from Camp Chef direct.




Well there you have it, if there are any additional questions please let me know. As far as I am concerned, having burned through a Masterbuilt and having done a TON of research I really must say this has to be the best propane smoker on the marker.

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I've had my Smoke Vault for several years.


It is a very good smoker.


Actually it has been my go to smoker lately.


That is until I got my Lang.



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