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Robb Walsh, "What's Your Beef?

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A short write up re: beef grades by the famous (or infamous) food writer and historian. Issue was about best burgers but the info still applies to all beef...

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Is this just General FYI? Or do you have an Issue with the ground beef info Robb Walsh wrote and you wish to discuss it or have a question about it?


Currently if you go to the grocery and buy non-specific Ground Beef, you are getting 70/30 or even a higher fat content, with less than honest meat managers. This was also true in the past. My family has been in the meat Biz for generations, ending with my Dad in the 60's. It's just the nature of the Beast that after premium cuts are fabricated, the Trim has a 30% or higher fat content, and that was. pretty much, the standard Ground Beef ratio sold.The consumer driven trend toward Leaner Ground Beef, and red meat in general, is several decades old, going back to the 50's and 60's. But for some folks, change comes slowly and with resistance. It is reasonable that in the past there were consumers and Chef's that proclaimed, " 70/30 is the only Ground Beef worth eating and is the Best! " It didn't take long for retailers to realize folks would pay a Premium for Leaner Ground Beef so more specific grinds and labeling became the norm. Dad just prefered 80/20 and specifically Ground Chuck so that is what we ate and I continue to use with my family. The $25+ Burger Restaurants are using Secret Formula custom blends of X% Short Rib, Y% Sirloin Flap and Z% Brisket and/or other cuts to get certain " Flavor Profiles " There is truth behind different Cuts having slightly different flavors. But it is mostly good marketing and, seriously, how many folks could taste the difference? Especially after covering the  Burger in the Chef's Secret Seasoning, Extra Sharp Super Aged or Bleu Cheese, Bacon, Onions and Ketchup!...JJ:biggrin: 

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Just an FYI

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