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Worcestershire sauce users/lovers

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Hi All


I love this site it is helping me a lot improve my cooking, thank you for all the great advice.


I wanted to give something back but as an amateur in the UK I do not know enough to offer anything helpful to people of your calibre except....


If you American guys are using British Worcestershire sauce then you are using a great ingredient already, but I can tell you something you may not know, Worcestershire sauce is not the Daddy of spicy British relish.


Henderson's relish is king over Worcestershire sauce, so if you want to use the best possible sauce give Henderson's (Hendo's) a go and you will using something that most people in the US proabbaly have not even heard of.


I am not in anyway affiliated or linked with Henderson's, give it a google, those people in the know and in Yorkshire will tell you it is tops




Chris(c) 20-11-2015 GoodnessDirect

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I have just been reading a cooking book authored by a gentleman in the U.K. and had noticed the use of Henderson's in the recipes, along with bottles of the stuff visible in some of the photos. I haven't checked yet but have been hoping to find some over here.

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Lea and Perrins has been a may stay in our family for years. Always up for a new sauce/marinade. Just ordered a bottle from Amazon.

Thanks for the heads up!
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Interesting! I have to get some...JJ

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

Interesting! I have to get some...JJ

Amazon just confirmed my order, Mine will be here Monday!!!
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Hi Chris. Welcome to the forum. There are quite a few of us from the UK who chat regularly here and it is always good to see another local face. Where in the UK are you from?


Do not put yourself down. We all are continually learning and I am sure that you would have skills that we would all benefit from on here. Next time you do a smoke or a cook post up some photos. We are not here to judge - just to share in a common passion. I continually pick up hints and tips on here - often from the newest members. I see you actually joined last October and it is great that you have now decided that it is time to start posting.


To be honest I have never tried Henderson's relish - I have not even really noticed it. I think that because of the label being so close in colour to Lee & Perrins that I just disregarded it as a copy. Next time I see it I will give it a try Thumbs Up

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