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Kamado type grill

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I'm in the market for a new Kamado grill. I bought the Char Grill Keg about 5 years ago. It's been good but it's starting to rust and holding temperature is getting difficult. 

I narrowed down my choices to Primo, Kamado Joe and perhaps Grill dome. I've been told that there all pretty much the same so go with the best value. I pretty much agree with this but thought I'd throw it out here and se what the response is. Also wondering if I should go with the Xl rather than the standard size.....bigger is always better right.

Any opinions out there?? 

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Go big! It's always nice to have a little room to spread out.
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I agree, buy as big as you can afford.



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Yeah I'm going with the XL size.

Anybody have any experience with the brands I mentioned?

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You might want to look at the new Weber Summit Charcoal Grill

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Can't go wrong with any of those, except grill done. Hard to find, and don't last like the others. Ask their former dealers about them. Love the look though.
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