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Owens BBQ Teriyaki

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Made up 5lbs of Owens BBQ Teriyaki GB jerky in the dehydrator. Yes i used the cure still.







Dehydrator set to 150. This morning here we is.



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Fine lookin' jerky, can't go wrong with Owen's
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Nice job Rick!


Been hearing a lot about Owens BBQ lately.



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It looks great Nepas. How did it taste?



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Looks delicious!!
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Looks great! Perfect snacks!
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I have that dehydrator. That jerky looks great. About how long did you dehydrate? I always do mine around 8-12 hours rotating the trays till I get it like I want. Mine never looks hat pretty though.
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Missed this post some how... that is some fine looking ground jerky Rick!
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