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Great to know I just made the purchase!

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Boyko has an article on (How to handle natural casings) in the sausage sticky. READ IT. It will save you a lot of head banging.


Good luck!!

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Here's a good recipe.   


Use fresh garlic. 



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Oh, you dont need to use a picnic. I go with all pork and skip the added beef. keep the meat to fat ratio to around  80/20 to 75/25. Make sure you measure and don't guess.

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Thanks for the link and the tips!


Yesterday while I was on Walton's website ordering the casings, I picked up some of their Signature Smoked Kielbasa seasoning. I hope that is not frowned upon too hard. I just figured for my first batch KISS. That way I will not be over thinking it all. I can focus on the grinding, mixing, stuffing and smoking. Then after I feel comfortable with the process I will start fine tuning things with some of the great ideas that have been shared with me.


Ok after Boykjo's last post= Confused again!


Question- I understand the 80/20 pork/fat ratio. But was planning and a slight amount of beef to the mix. As I have been reading a 80/20 pork to beef mix. I get that. Now talking fat content.  If I was going to go pork/beef at 80/20 what would be the fat content? Something like 70/15/15 pork/ beef/ fat by weight?


I was thinking I could get a pork butt and some chuck roast at about a 80/20 weight ratio trim them up grind, mix and stuff.


I don't mind doing my own homework but could someone please sort me out on this.


Ok. For my first batch, I want to do 20lbs of mixing material. Could someone please break it down for me, how many pound of pork/beef/fat?


I know I am overthinking this.


Thanks again for all the help!

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I would remove the fat from the chuckies and the butts and set aside. Weigh out the lean and the fat and mix the ratio 80/20. So if your goal is 20 lbs that will be 16 lbs of lean and 4 lbs of fat  for weight. Grind, season, stuff... I wouldnt' worry about being precise on how much beef to add to the pork. just as long as your in the ballpark of your desired amount of beef. So I would find somewhere in the range of 2 butts around 9 lbs each and 4 lbs of chuck roast. Remember when the bone is removed from the butt you should lose around 1/2 lb depending on the size of the bone

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H77, As others have said read Boykos tips on casing prep and as Dave O said your casings packed in salt will last for years. Another great starter book is Rytek Kutas book "Great sausage recipes and Meat Curing". Have fun !!!

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Thanks for the replies. I did a reread of Boykos sticky on casings. All is good there now.


Thanks Boykos for sorting that out for me. As I take not only is the 80/20 rule for the meat, pork to beef. But overall 80/20 meat mix to fat. I completely understand now. 


I am sorry yet another question- The place I get my butts from are I guess you could say are on the lean side. There is usually a good fat cap on them. Same with the Chuck (lean, no fat cap, lol). What if I come up short on the fat content, will that effect the finished product. Or if this is the case is there something to add to it? I guess I will not know until I start dissecting the actually meat. Never really cut a butt up, but have run numerous butts in the smoker. I have ran many chuckies in the smoker, and crock pot. I do however cut them up and marinade for kabobs.


So I do have that going for me, having worked somewhat with both hunks of meat!


Thanks again for all the help!

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I would go to your local butcher shop and ask for some pork fat. I think you have a Dick's meat market there in adrian. Try them. Should be able to pick some up for about 1-2 dollars a lb. you can freeze what you dont use.

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Thanks, I never thought of that!


At first when I saw your last post Boykjo, I thought how the hell did he know that! Did you do a search or do have knowledge of my area? Dick's is OK to me though there prices are very high, quality is.... well it is what it is, that's all I will say about that.


Well a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL for all the help. Now I am just gonna wait for my supplies to come in, and give it a shot. I am excited, am sure will learn more as I go!



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We'll since you havent put your location in your profile :hit:  and to answer your question I searched  threads you started and luckily in roll call you introduced yourself and told a little about yourself. Then I did a search for butcher shops in your area. I was going start my last post with "Dave" but I thought that would have really freaked you 

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Location is set now. Thought I did that oops.


Boykjo, when I saw that I am sure the look on my face was priceless....LOL

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