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Flame boss on WSM

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I'm fitting a flame boss 100 to my wsm do I need block all bottom vents with heat tape as my vents don't seal so well. I certainly will be sealing the door up.. do you run the top vent fully open or just open?
Cheers Daza.
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I have all the vents taped on my WSM/Guru setup.

Yes keep the top vent fully open.



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I'm running a pitmaster IQ120 on my WSM , bottom vents taped top vent wide open.. Didn't seal the door..
Sits at 240 unless I have the top off too long . ( wont do that again)
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Thanks for you help guys, My WSM is a old model I've had it for about 16 years the door is very loose so I will silicone a oven seal to it.

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