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Overcooked chuckies?

Poll Results: Perfect pulled beef or Overcooked beef?

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Hi all,

I smoked (small charbroil offset) 3 x 3 lb chuckies on Saturday. It took me more (5 hrs) than usual (smoker issues) to get them to 160ish before I wrapped them in foil with apple juice, but, except for one (very dry), they were moist, easily pulled, and family loved it. Further, I tried to slice those two and they would fall apart!!. So, I wondered: Had I been able to cook a perfect pulled beef? Or they were just overcooked? Where is the line between pulled and overcooked? See slices on board in picture below.

By the way, I took them out at 203 IT. 

chuck roast.jpg

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I think they were unwrapped before the meat's IT dropped back down to 140 ish....   which would have allowed for the juices to redistribute throughout the meat....

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