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We get gator tail & ribs down here all the time.


Gator gumbo is very popular too. We make it a couple of times a year.


But that is the first whole gator that I have ever seen cooked!


Awesome job!


Point to you!



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Great looking gator, pretty novel and unusual.
Points to you.

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That looks like a party in the making to me!!!:sausage:

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Awesome seen them cooked in a pizza oven before great looking job in the smoker . Did they ship skinned ???.
Dave k
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Ya it already skinned. Only the head and feet have skin
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Thats really cool they are a bear to skin ....
Here in Fla. Gator tail is common
Have to remember the info for our next
Beast feast ...
Thank you for sharing
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I love this form for innovative posts like this. If this doesn't deserve points, nothing does! Kudos!



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