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Hey Folks!

  I pulled the trigger in my new toy yesterday! I'm starting the assembly and mods. While I was admiring the chimney extension I just did I realized that it was galvanized duct material I just installed! I know Its tabou for grates etc. but is this going to be a problem? I've seen similar pipe on YouTube videos so I didn't think twice about until now.

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I used the exact same material a year ago and am still kicking . I think as long as it is not in contact with the meat your fine . I did paint mine with high heat paint and it has not rusted .

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Thanks Paul. Ya was thinking the same thing. That and the fact that anything I ingested during the 70's didn't kill me either! :icon_biggrin: 

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I know a lot of people do use it, but I've read bad things if it gets heated past a certain point releasing bad stuff. Not trying to be a downer, but my wife is anxious about this kind of stuff. . . So now I have to be. I had to order ones not galvanized from my local hardware to do my mods, they are mat black. The other option I've read about other people doing here, with galvanized bolts used in mods, is burning it off. I think it's a personal thing though and life will kill you one way or another. . . As I sip a beer.
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As long as you run at normal smoking temps you SHOULDN'T have a problem.  I say shouldn't because we all know that things can happen.


If you want good piece of mind, get one that isn't coated.  Personally, I'd use it and make sure my temps don't exceed 250-300.

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Since we're only talking about 4-6 dollar component I'll probably replace it with aluminum eventually. Some say that they chose not to use the extension it so I'll wait and see.

  Thanks Folks!

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Ithink the extension makes a difference , also did you put on the gasket sets ?

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Hey Paul,

  They're do in Friday. I've already got the RTV for the FB connections. Next purchase is thermometers. I should have this unit decked out with all of the standard mods for about $50 bucks. The rest is up to me and learning this new art!

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