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Hello from Southern Indiana.

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Live on the SW tip of Indiana, 30 minutes from Illinois and 20 minutes from Kentucky, about 40 minutes from Owensboro KY, which is known for its rich history in Barbecue.

I have been strictly a griller for around 20 years, some gas, but mostly charcoal. That was until I found a quality electric smoker that was affordable for my budget. Father's day 2015 I got a Masterbuilt 30" digital smoker on sale on Amazon for $200. I couldn't pass that up. I thought I had gotten pretty good at "smoking" on my Weber kettle with certain techniques but I no idea what I was missing out on until I got that digital smoker. I will never retire the Weber, he's been my friend and still is. But smoking larger hunks of meat in a dedicated smoker is too fun and so much easier with often times better results.

I have a year under my belt and have smoked exclusively pork and chicken. That will be changing soon as I have gained the confidence to spend a little $$ on some good beef cuts. I have used this forum for recipes, techniques, and advice as a lurker since the day I first got my smoker. I just now joined because until yesterday, I had somewhat selfishly been able to find my answers from other people's posts. Now I am interested in donating in some way to the forum. I also am interested in receiving the forum newsletter. Sorry it took me so long. My family and I have appreciated all the gobs of info provided on this forum. The only thing I am not happy with this forum about is that it has been a major contributor to my 20lb weight gain this last year!
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Welcome to the forum!


Glad to have you aboard!



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Hello and :welcome1: to you.

Glad you're here.  No this isn't the place for getting in shape.

When you're smoking you've got to work twice or three times

as hard if you don't want to gain any weight.




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