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Sirloin Tip Roast

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I am new here as you can tell. So Howdy!

My question is this. I saw an ad in a local grocery for Sirloin Tip Roast $2.99lb from a grocery that usually has really good meat. I sent my wife to investigate (oh, they also had whole chickens for $.99lb). She called me and said yeah they have them but they are only 2lbs or there abouts. The only two good looking cuts they had left were approx 2.4lbs. I told her to get one only because I am new to smoking beef and wanted to experiment (and she got two incredible looking birds). When she got home I saw the roast and it was the size of a small tri-tip or a big steak, and very lean. Put simply, I don't know if I wanna smoke this. I think I would rather charcoal grill it on a Weber kettle along with some Turkey Burgers I've been meaning to grill. I will be smoking the birds on my MES so I would love to consolidate, but I don't see this cut working out at Med Rare in the smoker as I do on the fire. I have pretty much settled on tenderizing the shiite out of it and marinating it in teriyaki for 4 hours and grilling it like I would a steak.

Am I going wrong by not smoking it? Or am I right to assume that such a small cut that is that lean should be grilled?

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I think you are probably right to put it on the grill.


I smoke sirloin tips all the time, but I buy the whole roast.


Here is a whole one I did several years ago.


They are very good smoked & thin sliced for sandwiches.


Let us know how yours turns out.

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Turned out incredible but was overshadowed by the best chicken I've ever smoked.
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Great looking roast!! Nice job!!

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