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First time doing ribs

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So i have ribs on right now,about an hour into it.Having a tough time due to the pouring rain but so far so good.temps fluctuating between 225-300.
Hope they turn out good.trying the 321 method.
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Good luck!


Sides or baby backs?

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Back ribs
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Do the 2-2-1 method for back ribs. 3-2-1 is for side ribs. :grilling_smilie:

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Great thanks!
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Well for my first time i cant complain.Ribs were tasty,came out a bit dryer than i wanted but everyone seemed to like them.
Next time i may try a different rub tho
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Did you change to the 2-2-1 method like that guy said? I learned with them ribs 6 hours is just to long (it becomes mushy) hence why I'm trying the 2-2-1 method next time. The foil def is awesome when you put honey and brown sugar in it. When you unwrap the foil for the last hour it's so juicy . What kind of smoker do you have ? Any pics of ur ribs
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Its an oklahoma joe highland,did the 221 method and when i unwrapped they were juicy
But i did have a temp spike up to 300 in the last hour
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If you can eat it, you won.

Try something a little different next time.

Very shortly you'll have it dialed in.

Did you have fun doing it?

'Cause that's the main thing.

If everyone liked them and you had fun,

how can you go wrong?



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Glad to hear any idea why u think the temp spiked ?
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Yeah was fun,any excuse to sit around smokin cigars and drinkin beer lol.
I had a temp drop at around the 4 hour mark,135 so i added a quarter furnace of lump and got sidetracked with something else.
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Sounds like a good day all around to me!



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