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Advice on smoked chicken wings

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Hey all. First time posting here. Thanks in advance for reading.


I've been reading about smoking chicken wings (doing it for the first time this weekend), and there's a lot of info to sift through. So is there generally a way to go about it to avoid them being rubbery? Bake or grill afterwards? Smoke at higher temps? etc....

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Welcome to the forum!  Chicken skin is the challenge when smoking!  If you smoke them, they will need to grill or bake once cooked to crisp up the skin.  You can cook them at a higher temp, 325+ and achieve the crispy skin.  Lots of great wing recipes and instructions available on this site!  Good luck.



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I can't add anything to Mikes comments!

Don't stress about the different info, there is a lot of ways to make great wings. Pick a way that seems realistic for your experience and tools and go for it. If you like the results stick with it! Good luck! Post some pics!
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It all gets confusing, there are so many ways

to do anything.

Like the others said, don't stress over it, they're chicken wings.

I personally smoke 'em for about two hrs @ 225*, then 

put 'em in the broiler 4 mins on each side.

Skin comes out very good, sauce 'em up, crack another beer.

Beer and wings, good stuff

Pick a way, try it, try another next time.

The one rule about all this you always want to remember is HAVE FUN.

Pictures are good things.



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I'm doing some wings this morning myself.
I usually just prep and put rub on the wings and throw them on the smoker @ 300.
When they are done I fire up the gasser to 500 degrees and then crisp the wings up.
Then I throw them in a bowl with my favorite sauce and shake them up. Remove to a 1/2 pan and eat.
They usually turn out pretty good.
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Thanks all for taking the time to respond! I appreciate the welcome and input. Decided to smoke chicken legs (request from my daughters that I couldn't say no to). They've been rinsed, patted dry, EVOO and rub added. They're ready to go for later today. I'll report back on my experience. 


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I'm in! Let's see how it turns out!
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Sounds like a plan!



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Alright all. They turned out great! Ended up following Ed's advice. He mentioned beer and I work in sales for a brewery. So I was drawn to that particular post (beer is my magic word apparently). They were a huge hit with friends and family. Here's what I ended up doing after the post prep picture above...


- Smoked them @225 for about 2.5 hours with soaked cherry wood and apple cider vinegar in the pan. Pics of pre-smoked and post-smoked product...





- Then I grilled them about 5 minutes on each side at 450 degrees on the grill. Forgot to take a pic at that stage as I had a lot going on. Multitasking fail.


- Sauced and tossed them. And here's the finished product...




Thanks again to all that chimed in with advice. Much appreciated. Good to know a forum like this exists and is so full of knowledgeable and helpful folks.

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They look awesome! Great job!
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Awesome looking chicken!  points1.png

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OH YEAH, danged good looking bird legs.

:points:to you.

Good job.



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They looked like they turned out great! Nice Job!!
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