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Chuck roast question

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I've did some searching and found alot of info, but any thoughts on just treating a chuck like a brisket? Good or bad? I like simple, just some season salt, a little rub, and smoke til she's done.
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Should work.
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Yeah cook it the same. It'll just get done a little sooner. Pull it a little sooner, like at 150 or so if you want it sliced or take it to 195 or so if you want it pulled. If you want to take it over 150 I would foil so it doesn't dry out...
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Thanks for the response. I guess I'll just go for it then.
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The guy gave good advice. Chuck is a little hard to slice because with most cuts the Grain runs vertically instead of horizontally like a Brisket. I usually take Chuck to the Pulling stage for easy handling. Taste is just as good...JJ

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My mom used to crock pot chuckroasts all the time back in the day. She used to low setting and 4-6 hours. Served sliced.

I've done chuck in my Cream Can Cooker. 1 1/2-2 hours. Also served sliced. It can be done.

Like beef ribs I think you could do a chuck in the smoke then finish in foil with a bit of liquid to braise.
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