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Mods to my Double Play Chargriller

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Following Alelovers post on another thread , I made two brackets out of aluminum and used hi temp rtv w/ Nomex tapes all around lid perimeter. Currently have two 1/2 in tubes holding my charcoal basket in place just above the tray. Baffle wasn't too bad to make and I made some templates out of cardboard. Plates will sit 6 inches below cooking grate. Wasn't too sure on the widths for the tuning plates but hope they'll work.

Extended exhaust using flex tube from Depot but I might redo with dryer vent that's less bulky and softer to work with .

Have two toggle clamps coming tomorrow and two TelTru bg300s' coming as well that I'll install. Wife is annoyed I've been missing a new rig but I know it'll be worth it . Gonna season and smoke some ribs Saturday . Wish me luck gents .

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Looks good.. I have a 5050 for a few years and it has searched me well . Just did a turkey pastrami this weekend using only cherry splits.... Came out great.. Did burn off my nomex around the fire box. But the fire was like 1200 at one point. You gotta keep an eye on the temp
Bi have found whatever temp is in the firebox , the pit is like 1/3 of that temp. So if you want 250 in the pit
You better have 800 in the box
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Thanks! Hoping the tuning plates will work out . Plan on not using rails for support since they will sit at the height I want when cut to length. Does everyone use rails for support ? After multiple cooks wonder if they will sag .
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The convection plate from horizon 20" had to cut 2 inches off to fit.. It is awesome
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Thanks will look into that
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The fire bricks in the belly really stabilized the heat. And they support the grate from the firebox, which is used to hold the convection plate at the right level to cover the opening between the FB and the smoker.
PM me and I will send you some real detail photos of my setup. It took me like a year of fine tuning to get it right.. Although it's a small body ( 20 inches) , it was hard to maintain even temps across the board.
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I'll eventually remake these out of 1/4 in steel instead of sheet metal .
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Clamps from Amazon for 13 bucks including shipping seem to do the trick ! Just waiting on my TelTru thermometers that will arrive tomorrow !
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I see you have the new design 5050 with the heavier legs and rounded corners . Nice
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All done with mods and time to season her!

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