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Going propane on the OKJ

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I wanted to go pellet but it was very expansive. 400 bucks plus shipping. I plan to tailgate as well so I also did not want to play with finding a power source. My question is, Will this method give me a good bark on brisket?

For 79 bucks it was worth a try

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As long as you don't foil the brisket, you should get good bark...  

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Perhaps I should double the smoke starting out

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I have a an OKJoe Highlander also. I just called Ed at gas smoker.com and ordered a burner for my smoker. This is a great idea for long smokes. Let me know how you make out with yours and I'll do the same.
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I will let you know
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Not shipping till Monday and not going to get it until Friday. I am excited. But I hate waiting. Like you I am looking forward to long smokes. On my good offset smoker this last week for the 4th, I smoked a brisket. I started at 2:30 in the morning. I really wish I was able to let that go over night starting at 8 PM, pull it at 10 AM, put it in a cooler for 2 hours and chow down by 12:30.
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Mine is shipping Monday also. I'll be doing 4 pork shoulders next weekend. Did you wrap your brisket?
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I did for final 4 hours and then wrapped it.in a towel and stuck it in a cooler for two more.
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I bought the V Burner about 20 years ago and put into a UDS. Its on the 2nd barrel now and the burner still works. Good product. A grill bottle will last just about forever in the UDS running at 250. Yes its perfect for a 10 - 12 hr. cook.

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Thank you for your info. The gentlemen Ed seemed to really know his stuff. Did you buy from him? How good would you rate this compared to pellet?

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I don't know who I ordered from It has been so long ago. All I can say is that after all these years it works (think made in the USA). I have a Traeger also. Like everyone says you won't get as much smoke unless you run the Traeger at lower temps. In the UDS I have a flat plate about 4" above the burner that I put a muffin pan full of wood chunks in. I wrap the pan tightly with foil and poke 1 hole so the chunks never get enough air to burn which lasts about 45 minutes. Much more smoke than with the Traeger unless you use a smoke stick.

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Just got home to find my H burner arrived. Just in time to install for the weekend smoke. I'll let you know how it goes.
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I want mine!!!.... :( You must live in the mid west

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I sure do.
O H I O , pronounced Ah-Hi- Ah.
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Ok, I got my H burner installed. I got the dual fuel option so I can use propane or natural gas. With propane I got my Highlander up to 250 degrees in 13 minutes. Turned the regulator down a bit and maintained it there with very little flame. Can't wait to try it out with some meat. I'll be smoking 4 pork butts on Sunday. I normally transfer to the oven in the house when the IT gets to 160 but I'm going to finish them outside to keep the heat out of the house, it's been in the 90's here for two weeks.
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Did you try it with wood smoldering in it yet?

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No not yet but that shouldn't be a problem at all. Going to stop and get a juice can tomorrow.
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I have converted my ECB to propane but use the charcoal Bastet for wood chunks.. Great way to smoke ribs..
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I am interested in seeing how it holds up in the twenty degree winter weather. One one the reasons why I wanted this kit is I am tired or managing fire in the cold. Summer it gets me out of chores the wife and kids do.

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Not sure about your pit but in my UDS at 30 I can get it to 400 easily. 

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