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Hey people,


I have a question about making snack sticks.


I have made a few batches in the past, they all turned out pretty good. After grinding and mixing the meat with all the ingrédients, i usually stuff them in casing then let them rest in the fridge for a night before smoking them the next day.


The thing is that i have a friend that wants to do all the process with me to learn how to make snack sticks. Is it fine to grind the meat, mix with all the ingrédients, stuff them, then smoke them right away? Is the cure going to do is job?


Thank you!

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Its safe to grind/cure/mix/stuff/smoke all in the same day. Cure is going to work regardless on the time its mixed in the meat.


If you need to fridge stuffed collagen cased sticks put a dry towel over them in the fridge.

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