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Smoked corn nuts?

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Hey folks,


Has anyone here ever tried smoking corn nuts?  Did a quick search and I can't seem to find anything.  I don't think i'd do much in the way of giving it extra flavors like BBQ or buffalo sauce, etc.  I think just a nice simple cold smoke with hickory or pecan would add a really interesting flavor to them.  

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V, It sounds interesting, tell us how they turn out .

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I love corn nuts but my teeth will not take the abuse anymore. The she beast brought home some smoked peanuts and she learned quick, don't expect any partial containers if I'm around, Once I start, I can't stop.

 I can only imagine what the corn nuts would be like. Dang that might be worth another broken tooth.


 Let us know, please.

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I love corn nuts.

Smoked, they'd be even more irresistible!

After I broke a tooth with a filling by eating corn nuts, my dentist said that dentists love corn nuts, and ice chewing. :)

What has really kept me away from them lately, though, has been going low-carb. But man... I do love 'em! And I'd smoke a batch, for sure. That sounds fantastic!

Tabbed in.
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