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I love my Brinkmann. Would buy another if they were available since this beauty won't last forever.  Huge cooking area, nice adjustable coal bed, nice work survaces and out-of-view storage. Easy clean-up -- I, for one, hate the pull-out ash drawer.


You know the Brinkmann, adjustable charcoal pan below cast iron grates, hinged lid, air vents to left and right. If only it were a smoker.  


Well, now mine is. Took a little while to assemble the materials -- 1000+ degree fabric definitely the biggest challenge.




1 - sheet metal:  two 3" sheet metal elbows and two 3" caps

2 -1000+ degree flame/heat proof fabric 

3 - 500+ degree heat resistant adhesive

4 - length of round oven or grill heat resistant oven gasket

5 -  12" x 24" piece of sheet metal

6 - expanded metal




1 - remove one hood vent [I took off the right one]

2 - cut vent holes in both sheet metal caps so they match the pattern of the hood vent - and also each other

3 - bolt sheet metal caps onto the hood vent so holes are aligned. Attach elbows to caps, inside and out. Inside the elbow serves to lower the smoke intakepoint; outside it serves as a smoke stack.

5 - cut heat resistant fabric to cover the back of the hood such that the cover fits tightly over the opening, limiting smoke/heat loss.  Glue the fabric to the hood 3: above and 3" below the opening to allow free movement of the hinged hood.

6 - use heat resistant adhesive to attach gasket around the edges of the good to limit heat and smoke loss.

7 - use expanded metal to fabricate a grill basket to fit onto charcoal table.

8 - Bend / shape sheet metal as a baffle, positioned in such a way as to limit exposure of smoked meats to direct heat


A few pix to show the end result.





Say, soes anyone know where there's another Brinkmann Single Zone lying around?  I dread the day this one gives up the ghost.


Happy grilling!