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Howdy from Northern Illinois

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I've been smoking and grilling for years, just hadn't thought about joining a group like this before. I'm a transplanted Texan living in northern Illinois. I use an Oklahoma Joe Longhorn smoker and a Weber Genesis grill. I cook primarily for the enjoyment and sharing with friends and family. However, I have catered a number of different venues over the years. Most folks want my brisket, though I do a wide variety of meats. I make my own dry rubs and sauces.

- Baba

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Welcome baba!  Glad you joined us.  Looking forward to your contributions.



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Welcome Baba. Also from IL (NW burbs of Chicago). Lots of good people here. Look forward to seeing your cooks
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Welcome to the board! I've been to northern IL (Sycamore) and the soil there is BLACK like the farmers turn it over just to show it off.

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Welcome to the forum!


Glad to have you with us!



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