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MES 30 door burned

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So smoking for the 4th and after pulling the meat I left my amaze n smoker pellet smoker going and didn't close the door.  It was maybe still 2/3rds full and apparently flared up and burned up the seal and melted the plastic on the top of the door.  What to do now?

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Think this can be repaired?

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Clean it up and put on a new door seal....   You can go with an aftermarket door seal...   I don't believe anything is wrong with the smoking box...



Second look, the door looks melted....    Check the door fit..... might work anyway....

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The sides felt like they might have damaged foam insulation in them.
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You are probably correct...   I don't know what insulation MES has in them....

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Email Masterbuilt. Someone else here had to replace a door and if memory serves they shipped him one for about $35.

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