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Boston Butt Problem HELP!!

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Good Day everyone and Happy 4th of July.


So I'm cooking a pork picnic and I pulled it from the smoker and rested it too soon because it was hard for me to pull. Can I put it back on the smoker wrapped in foil and smoke it until the internal temp reach 195? Or is it too late?

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I don't know what temp it was when you took it out, or what it is now, but if it wasn't out long, and it had been to at least 140°, you should be able to do that.




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I read the temp of the meat being 210 but I should have known that wasn't correct. When I went to pull it was too tough. I placed them back on the smoker .
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Just put it back in with the foil. Won't hurt a thing...
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So how did it finally turn out?



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Originally Posted by letsbobbyQ View Post

Glad it worked out for you, Bobby!Thumbs Up


Way to Hang in there!

Looks Great & Pulled real Nice!!:drool------:points:


Nice Job.Thumbs Up



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Nice save.....that's some great looking PP!! Thumbs Up

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