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AMNPS Issues

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I use an AMNPS in an MES 30 [an older one].  When it's all said and done, I get successful results every time.  However, half the time, not always, I have a hard time getting the AMNPS to stay lit.  When this happens I remove it, blow it to cherry red and return to MES.  Usually doing this a couple of times gets it going so it stays lit.  Then, sometimes I see smoke billowing out and this is because somehow the pellets ignited on the unlit end and now I've got both ends burning!  What would cause this spontaneous combustion issue? 


As far as it going out, I know all the advice and I follow it all:


CookinPellets Perfect Mix

Nuke pellets for 1 min. on High

Light w/ torch for 45-60 sec.

Let pellets flame for 10 min. [blowing to get cherry red included!]

Chip tray 1 1/2" open

Chip Loader 2" out

Tray on bottom rail left of chip tray

Vent open full

Vent with 4" elbow "chimney"

foil covered cookie pan drip tray on water tray rails forming roof over AMNPS.


Could over filling the AMNPS be part of the problem for either of these issues?  I fill it to the top.

Might I need to nuke pellets on high for more than 1 min.?

Other suggestions, advice, input?


Thanks folks.  I love the AMNPS.  I couldn't live without it.

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Mail Box mod....   that should end all your problems...    and elevate the AMNPS for better air flow.....


. .... .... ..


.. .... ..


.. ..


.. ..

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Although I do not have a mail-box mod, I know many people swear by it and it does work.  However, if you need something right now with no assembly required...


I had to use 4 spring clips to elevate mt 5x8 AMNPS up a bit from the drip plate on the bottom of my MES 40 - 2.5.  


I also had to open the chip-feeder part-way and twist the handle to 12 o'clock/6 o'clock position (look in there and you will understand what I am doing).


I was worried that I might get big temperature swings with the chip feeder open like that, but I did not notice any difference.


I f



I finally have a set-it and forget it plan for my MES 40 flag.gif

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Like Dave said, it's hard to beat a mailbox, and elevating the tray gets air underneath it. As for the cross-lighting, you might try a tube. They only go one direction...
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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Mail Box mod....   that should end all your problems...    and elevate the AMNPS for better air flow.....


.. ..


.. ..

Even elevated after the first row burns away from the door and turns the corner and burns toward the door it wants to go out in the middle of the middle row where the bottom of the Amnps forms an X. If I burn more than one and a half rows,I just turn the Amnps around after five hours so the pellets burn with the airflow. I really like opening the mailbox vs. the smoker when tending to the pellets or when I'm done adding smoke.
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