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Decided to do a little smoking for the 4th yesterday...... I brined half the chicken quarters and just rubbed the other half. I'm definitely a brine fan now! 20160702_175752.jpg 4848k .jpg file IMG_20160702_113732.jpg 219k .jpg file IMG_20160702_171355.jpg 276k .jpg file 20160702_144939.jpg 4580k .jpg file IMG_20160702_165319.jpg 378k .jpg file IMG_20160702_185131.jpg 410k .jpg file IMG_20160702_182915.jpg 324k .jpg file 20160702_190226.jpg 5774k .jpg file 20160702_185525.jpg 5091k .jpg file 20160702_185828.jpg 5580k .jpg file 20160702_185835.jpg 4153k .jpg file 20160703_155455.jpg 4435k .jpg file 20160703_160911.jpg 4763k .jpg file