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1st Brisket

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I started with a 10# brisket. Did a little trimming then put on a salt , pepper, onion powder & garlic rub. I smoked it at 230 for around 6 hours to get to 165 degrees. I then wrapped it with about 1/2 of a 12 oz stout I had on hand. I let it go until it hit 205 then pulled it off & let it rest for 1.5 hours. I was very pleased with the tenderness & flavor . This won't be my last brisket.
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Nice job looks tasty! I'm planning on one for tomorrow!
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Looks great, really nice smoke ring.


I've got one in the smoker now too!


Happy 4th


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Looks like a good run.  I did one yesterday over here in Germany with my wonderful RECTEC; which performs flawlessly on a transformer!!!  Problem over here is the cuts of meat, cant get the same cuts you get in the states and I have to pay close attention when shopping in order to get what I want when available.  Wife purchased two so-called briskets recently which I had some reservations on.  Used OakRidge BBG Santa Maria Rub with a tablespoon of oil on each side and let sit overnight.  I ran at 190 for 8 hours then bumped smoker up to 260 for two hours.. It was the best brisket I have completed to date.   image1.JPG 170k .JPG file  

image2.JPG 156k .JPG file

image3.JPG 105k .JPG file

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Looks tasty!



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Nice looking brisket.....well done. Also, the stout was a nice touch!

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