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Warm Smoky Greetings from NC/SC

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Hello SMF!


I'm Mike, and happy to be joining you from along the NC/SC border.  Happy that I found this forum, and excited to be a member of your community.  I look forward to learning and participating in the activities!


A bit about my 'Q history:  I've been smoking meats fairly steadily for about ten years.  I got started on the good ole' bullet and water smokers, and soon after scored a Klose Pits offset model.  Loved it for many years, until one day it was gone...stolen!  Frustrating but certainly a learning experience for me as far as backyard security.  It won't be happening again (hopefully)!


Just recently I made the hike down to GA and picked up a new A-1 from Custom Pits and Fabrication.  Apparently there models from several years back had some construction challenges from firebox size, volume of air to the firebox and draft/exhaust.  They got those matters resolved and I discussed their new models and process at-length before buying.  There new offerings are nice, and the A-1 Competition model I bought is well-made and a solid performer.  She has a off-set firebox with a reverse flow pit.  To boot, it features a propane burner for deep frying and seafood boils, plus a pretty large charcoal grill.


Given my location, I'm a big fan of hickory paired with a little oak and sometimes fruit tree woods.  I enjoy all the standard 'Q offerings, plus my family is into low country dishes.


Looking forward to sharing a lot of experiences with y'all, and learning in the process!


All the best - 


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Welcome from SC, Mike. (That sounds a little strange, since I don't really know which side of the border you actually are.). Actually, it's really good to have you here on this great site.

Good luck with your new smoker and good smokin', Joe
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Thanks Joe for the warm welcome!  I'm on the NC side now - I'll update my "location" setting so that everyone knows.  Lived just on the SC side for about ten years, and also went to college in SC (go Gamecocks!).  

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I've been in Greenville for 46 years, but was raised in Charlotte. Go Heels
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Originally Posted by Joe Black View Post

I've been in Greenville for 46 years, but was raised in Charlotte. Go Heels

Greenville SC or NC? A lot of Heels in my family, so I usually find myself pulling for them!
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South Carolina. I really love it here. Half way between Charlotte and Atlanta and only a little over an hour to Asheville. What part of Charlotte are you in? I grew up not far from South Park. A South Mecklenburg boy ('62).
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Welcome to the forum, Mike!


Glad to have you with us!



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Thanks everyone, happy to be on board!

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Howdy, Mike, from Texas! (orig. from Raleigh)

Welcome to the thin blue smoke.

We'll try not to hold it against you just because you couldn't go to the
REAL Carolina! Go Heels! '64

Seriously, welcome to the best pits around. If you like good folks, you'll find a home here.
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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a warm day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.




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