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Steaks on the Grill

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My friend and co-worker has a farm with a bunch of cattle.  I have been buying all my beef products from him and cooked some of his steaks today.  This was my first time using lump charcoal and I did not realize how hot it got, so I over cooked the steaks a little, but they were still great.  


We also put some good cheese brats and vegetables on the grill.


The cast iron grates are working perfect.














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love grilled zucchini what's the other veg on the skewer? cabbage?  Steaks look juicy, I've been using my IT gauge on steaks lately really helps me get a medium rare.   

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Joeski - it is cabbage and turned out really good.  The steaks were probably a 3/4" thick and I only cooked them for 4 minutes on one side and 2 on the other.  The fire was just really hot.  I am thinking next time reducing to 3 minutes, flip and then another 2 minutes.         

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Looks tasty,a good instant read therm is great when cooking steaks!
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Those are a couple of good looking steaks there!


Nice job!



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