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Lowish cal "Skinny Fatty" results

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My wife is watching calories (57 pounds lost since 1/5/16) so I have to smoke lower cal. meats to keep her happy.  I did a little substituting and managed to get a great tasting "Skinny Fatty" on the table today.


Ingredients as follows:


1.8 lbs ground chuck             - 1500 calories
center cut bacon - 12 slices   - 420 cal - 35 cal. per slice
Muenster cheese                  - 400 cal
Feta cheese                         - 50 cal
Mushroom, onion, peppers     - 50 cal - all were stir-fried using a 1 second blast of Pam
Pam spray                            - 9 cal
Total - 2429 calories - at 8 slices/fatty-log = about 305 calories per slice


Seasonings: Salt, pepper, garlic powder


This was a hit and we will do the "Skinny Fatty" again.  


Here are the before/after pics




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Looks did it taste?

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Glad it worked out! Congrats to your wife sounds like a lit of guard work.
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You are a good man. My better half is also watching her intake . So next week I will be using you recipe for her. Points to you!!!
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Nice job, Eddie!


The fattie looks delicious!


I sent a point your way!



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It tasted great - more like a well smoked beer-can burger than a pork sausage fatty though.

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UE, Sounds like your fatty is about as healthy as it can get !

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What about using other low calorie meats. Chicken, turkey, bison, deer, rabbit, squirrel?

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