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I'm about to make a UDS. Got a closed lid barrel that had glycerine in it.
I've got a Weber kettle that I'm about to cannibalize for the coal grate and meat grate. Ordered the most important part, a beer opener. Also ordered some handles. Need to order some nuts and bolts to attach handles etc. Recommended size?
I'm in Israel.
Having problem getting expanded steel for the basket. Could I use a washing machine drum and make more holes?
Where do I cut the lid? Under the rim or from the top leaving the rim attached to barrel?
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I can't help you with your questions,

'cause I'm pretty much a newbie myself.

I just stopped in to say hello and welcome to you.




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Glad to have you aboard!


If you post your questions in the UDS section, I think you will get better responses.



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Got that drum. Can I make this work?

Plus I see that the grates I have are a great fit.

Best to use the sealed lid cut off our the Weber dome?
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