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Propane tank volume question help

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Hello brothers. Back again as I'm finally ready to start the main portion of my build, I was going to do it last year but got my face blown off in a propane related accident!

I was then going to do my build in the winter to be ready now but my dhop was full with a paying welding side job that got me a new multi process welder ;)

Question I have as I lost my calculations, I'm doing my bill out of a 400 pound propane tank and I do not know the volume all the calculators you either need to know the volume in gallons, or it calculates it off of the square tank.

The calculators are giving me a very large firebox to cook chamber opening nearly half of my tank as it's calculating for a larger square tank not a rounded end propane tank.

My tank is 29.875x44.25 inside dimensions.

I post up a it of a build when I redo my numbers.

Oh and the volume of the tank was on the collar which is gone :(

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The tutorial has everything you need to build an awesome smoker...

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Oh I'm aware Dave, I'm using your calculator (again) for my build, I am just trying to figure out my tank volume.

Plugging my numbers in gives me the volume of a square end tank, and not my curve end propane tank.

Does anyone know a way to get a closer true volume?
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Taken from the tutorial.......


Volume of the Cook Chamber.... Use the Inside Diameter of the tank... All smoker calculations are based on the volume of the Cook Chamber....

Diameter X Diameter X 0.7854 X Length = Volume in cubic inches / 231 = Volume in gallons


29.8 x 29.8 x 0.7854 x  ~40 length =  ~27,900 cu. in.


That's close enough for a smoker build.....

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Good point, so much for NASA though.
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Do you want a closer number ???

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Well I dont want to be one of the guys that couldn't get it right on paper haha!

And trying to find a happy medium, I know a larger firebox and cc/fb is far better then too small.

My plan is to Insulate the INSIDE of the cook chamber with 1000*ceramic wool and stainless ;) so I don't want it too big.
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So now, with the insulation the ID of the tank will be about 27".......    How will you insulate the dome on the inside.....


I think that idea leaves something to be desired.....

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The wool is a exhaust plenum fire wrap blanket.

My idea is to hold it in and line the cook chamber with polished stainless sheat I have. Dome ends will have to be formed one way or another fab chalange is all, maybe I'll think hydro foaming if I want to get crazy!!!

I'm not overly worried, just want to help add something to help with winter smokes.
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