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First smoke

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While Im not new to grilling, smoking is something Ive not tried yet. Ive always been interested in pit beef and fascinated by the techniques involved. I just bought a 3.5 pound bottom roast thats about 5 inches thick and plan on slicing it for sammiches. My primary curiosity right now is time, and also temps. What kind of heat works best for bottom rounds and about how long should I expect for a medium rare finish? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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What smoker do you have?


Do you want rare, med rare, etc.


Need more info.



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I dont have an actual smoker, just a larger chargriller barrel style grill. I was looking for about a med rare finish. Cooking over lump charcoal and hickory chunks. I would think the grill is large enough that I can still cook indirectly from the heat source so long as I keep them on opposite ends.

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Well I'll be putting her on in a few hours. Any last advice our tips?
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