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Pointers Please

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I am looking to smoke 4-6 racks of ribs, a pork belly, and some corn next week on my masterbuilt 44in propane smoker. I'm wondering on which racks to place the foods. I imagine that I would put the corn on the top 2 hours before the ribs get done (ribs and corn will be for lunch, and the belly for dinner) so there no chance of cross contamination. Would I then put the ribs in the middle racks and the belly on the bottom? Or would it be better to have the ribs on the bottom, with the belly in the middle so the belly fat can drip down and further flavor the ribs? Any suggestions would be helpful :)

This will be my first "big smoke" so naturally I'd like to go big, not go home X-P
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Corn-Belly-Ribs-DRIP PAN. That sounds like a great PIG Fest. But you will be generating quite a bit of fat and you don't want a Fire. Save the Drippings. The Fat will add Smoke to whatever you cook in it and the meat juices can go in your BBQ Sauce or Beans down the road...JJ

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Fantastic thank you! I'm figuring about 5-6 hours on the ribs and 8-10 on the belly? That about right?
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I have not smoked a Belly like that but sounds about right. Give the belly a poke with the therm probe when the Ribs are done. If no resistance in the meatiest portion, it is ready as well...JJ

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