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Lump coal vs briquette

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I use a master forger vert smoker currently....looking for pros and cons on the options.....ready go!!!
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I have only used lump once so I am no expert. A few differences I noted in my uds:
Lump: burns hotter. I had to shut off all my air inlets and block off 2 of my exhaust ports. It held pretty steady at 250 after that. I had long burn time. It was pretty close to a bag if kbb. I used Stubbs. It had a good flavor. Better than kbb in my opinion. I still use briquettes most. I can get them everywhere. I would like to do another bag of lump though. I'm sure some others will chime in.
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Jason is correct. Lump burns hot and long so less needed but Briquettes are Cheap, frequently on sale, and can be had anywhere. I keep both on hand...JJ

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I use lump and wood splits almost exclusively. Even use lump on our hot and fast grill for burgers and dogs. 


It's been so long since I have used briquettes that I don't really remember how they cook. But I like lump because its made from actual hard woods and not formed together with saw dust and glue. I think lump tastes better, cleaner maybe. 

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I use both too in my WSM. For overnight smokes I use KBB, because you can pack it tighter in the charcoal ring.

I mostly use lump for shorter smokes & I always use it in the Weber Kettle, so I get a hotter fire.



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I use lump for grilling and briquette for smoking.

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I am a stick burner, but use both lump and briqs to get my coal bed started. I put about 2/3 basket of lump in the FB with a little valley in the middle. Then I light about 2/3 chimney of briqs. When the briqs are ashed over, I pour them into the valley in the lump. I pull some of the lump over the lit briqs. When the lump is involved, I put in a couple of splits and close the CC doors. When the CC is up to cooking temp, I put in a couple more splits and some chunks of flavor wood and put in the meat. From then on its all wood splits. I always pre-heat my splits to insure quick ignition. With quick ignition, there is very little temp dip and very little white smoke.
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I just start up two chimneys full of my B&B Oak lump, get them good and hot so that they are spewing fire out the tops of the chimneys, then dump them both into my firebox. Then ad a split of hickory to get a nice flame going on. Keep adding a split or two half splits every hour or so until I'm done smoking. 

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