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Kingsford original

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Big orange box (dunno if I can say their name here) is running 2-18# bags of charcoal for $9.99 for the 4th.  If you use it, time to stock up.  Didn't see any limits, but I only grabbed 5 2-packs also.


Happy, safe, and smoky 4th to all!

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I was told about that deal the other day in-store...sounded like a steal to me, and will be swinging by after work for it as well. Happen to notice if there are any sales on their wood chunks?

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No deal on the chunks.  I paid $6 for a 4# bag of cherry chunks, which I use fairly infrequently.  Next door neighbor has hickory trees on his property, and I'll use limbs/green hickory nuts that he doesn't want.  When I have bought chunks, Wally has had the best prices, if I remember correctly.

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Thanks for the heads up!



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That is good to know. Thanks for the info.
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