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Today's Drums and Thighs smoke...

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So, I opted to give smoking another shot on my Masterbuilt Propane Smoker.  For those of you who remember me, my smoker runs hot...close to 300 degrees at its lowest setting.  For what I wanted to do with the chicken, it turns out it was perfect.  I'd heard from folks at Amazing Ribs that you do 300-325 for about 50 minutes.  I ended up going longer than that by just paying attention to the temp of the meat.  I let it go to 170.  It was moist and delicious.  I haven't tried all 3 yet, but I used 3 different rubs... all from Grillmasters (it was cheap and I didn't have time to throw together something else): Montreal Chicken, Brown Sugar and Bourbon, and Garlic and Herb.  Next up for next week will be a mess of Baby Backs...on sale locally for $2.49 a lb.


Here's the Q-View:


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Yummy looks good.

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Tasty looking bird parts! Nice smoke!
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Looks delicious!


Great job!



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Looks good. I hope I get a similar result. I had intended to smoke some wings and finish them on the grill. Today I realized I bought drumsticks instead of drummies.  That's what I get for shopping after camping with the boy scouts for a week. Anyway, I just started a mess of legs at 250-275. Thinking about 2 hours and then crisping them on the grill. 

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