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By family requests. Another try at chicken breasts.

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Rubbed and ready. 3 hour brine in about 1/4 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Tropics rub recipe with just a bit less salt. Hopefully in 3 hours we will be good to go.
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I usually brine my chicken...
Looks like you are ready to go. Cook to 165 and you should be good.
Good Luck!!
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Finished product. Came out good. Had to finish the bacon in a pan. Leftover sliced and ready for sandwiches tomorrow
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If you have a vacuum canister or a jar attachment, I just did some chix breasts...   Vacuum in chix broth with garlic, onion, old bay, salt, pepper etc. added to the broth and let the broth mellow or what ever it's called.....   I pump the vacuum....  vac and release...  repeat....  that sucks the brine mix into the meat..   5 or 6 vac and release and the meat should be brined  to the center...    The meat should be covered in the brine solution....    If you want, put the meat in a food safe bag, add the brine to cover, then place the bag  in the vacuum container and vacuum...  the bag will hold the liquid closer to the meat....  you will save on brine...   it acts as a smaller container inside the bigger one.....  

DO NOT close or seal the bag...  let it be open to the atmosphere in the vacuum container...    I just did the chicken like that 2 days ago and it was awesome....  I'm planning on doing a thread on how it's done but time just escapes me these days....

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Looks good!


Bacon, tomato, & chicken sammies are a big favorite around here.



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Looks like they turned out pretty good. icon14.gif
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Thanks all. Yea, they were a hit again and the sandwich was great for lunch today. Lettuce, tomatoes and some mayo on a soft roll. Yummy. Hopefully there will be enough for tomorrow too. Lol
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