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Newbie from California

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Hey all, Kevin here. I hail from Roseville, CA, which is just outside of Sacramento and is considered suburbia capital of the world. First post, but I have been creepin' for the last few weeks. Have learned a lot already (or so I think) and will hopefully put it to the test later today with my first pork butt. Even if it's 105 degrees again. :( I picked up a Char-Broil Vertical Charcoal Smoker 365 to play with, but will likely upgrade to something more serious in the future.

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Hey Kevin welcome to the site, congrats on the new smoker.  This is a great place to learn how to get the most out of it.  Good luck and good smokin'.

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Welcome to the forum!


Congrats on the new smoker!


Looking forward to seeing it in action!


Good luck with the butt today!



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Thanks guys. Here's a few before shots

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Howdy raegar, and neighbor! Although I have SAC on my location I'm actually in Roseville.  Glad you are here and having fun with the new toy.  Looking forward to seeing the finished product above.


What time's dinner?



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Welcome to the gang, Kevin! Maybe with that heat you'll use less charcoal ;-)
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I use to live in Roseville. Does that warrant an invite for dinner? I think so.
Welcome to SMF

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Took just about 9 hours at a consistent 225 to 250 degrees. Currently wrapped in foil and waiting to be pulled in a little bit. Pleased with how things have turned out so far

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Annnnnd the finished product. So. Good.

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Woohoo! Looks like you did great! Congrats from Shingle Springs just up the hill from you and Ray.  This heat has got to break soon :th_crybaby2:but I've got brisket, ribs, pork roast and chicken lined up for this three day weekend!



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texas.gif  Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a 95º day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.




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