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So many smoker designs need help

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I have been wanting to start up a small commercial smokehouse. I have been looking at a bunch of different smoker designs. My questions for the experts:
What style of smokers are the most efficient? I live in Up north and know it will need to be insulated.
What size would be adequate to run 100-200 pounds a week. I would like to make it large enough without going too big (if that can happen)
Meats I'm planning on doing mostly sausage, bacon, cheeses and probably salmon. Have pulled pork and ribs on the mind also. Not sure on the details of how to move the product. Thinking of a mobile trailer.
I'm sure I will have more questions.
Thanks for the info.
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Hey Jason, I can't answer any questions.

I'm a newbie myself.

But I'll be watching to see how it goes for you.



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Check your regulations.  Many counties have crazy rules on what you can and cannot use for a smoker. Not to mention where it can be placed at the business (inside, under a hood, ul listed or outside in a smokehouse).  


200 lbs a week is a small amount, so any cooker would do.  If your looking for insulated, I always say Stumps.  I have town d they are a fantastic cooker.   cooked in 0-100 degree temps, and its a rock solid 225.  While they are a bit pricey, there are clones, but Stump offers such a variety of cooker and will customize whatever you want.  



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Thanks for the information. I am leaning tward building a cedar smokehouse with offset firebox. Quick and simple.
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