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Well at least I have my pride.

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The wife is making me purge and meet her half way. I wanted a Yoder Wichita. But the wife is saying no to that but I can get a different addition but first.....I just put my heavy Brinkman smoking pit out on the corner with a free sign on it. I have kept good care of it and it's heavy duty. Leaks like a mutha due to clam shell design. Painted it every year. But has to go. As for my OKlahoma Joe project I was starting to tackle with sanding off rust and loose paint to have it all welded up....well I am just going to paint it and sell it. Guess after cooking on the heavy duty Old Country, I cannot go back to temperature inconsistency's and polish a turd. But the new owner will receive a welded up firebox and a gasket around the cook chamber door. Tossing the Weber-q since my son cracked it's lid. Also tossing a Weber Genesis and spirit both old. Too many Q's! Purge has started.

Now what the wife is letting me keep and add too.....

I am keeping the Weber smoky Joe as its my camping unit so it doesn't count. Keeping my Old Country offset of course. And I will add a nice broil King. For the normal grilling. My wife has nixed the idea of me getting a Yoder smoker. But she did say I can go for the larger 18 inch Old Country heavy duty Brasos model once I sell the OKJ. So two solid heavy duty smokers and a gas grill will be my new go to's.
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Too bad about the Yoder, but it sounds like you have all the bases covered.



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