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New to smoking!

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Hi all! I'm from Canada. Just bought a traeger select pro from Costco. So far I love it. I am currently using Traeger pellets, and I just read that they are flavored with oils. Is there a pellet that anyone could recommeND that is pure flavor wood and not a blend? Will a different pellet work in the Traeger just the same?

Thanks so much!
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Welcome to the forum.


Glad to have you with us!


I'm not familiar with pellet smokers so I can't help you with your question.


I'm sure someone will be along shortly who can.



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Welcome to the group. Not sure what's available to you in Canada but here are some recommendations

Cookin Pellets and Lumberjack. Perfect Mix from CP is a nice balanced blend of woods. CP also offers 100% hickory. Amazon Prime is the way to go if you are making a small buy. Call them direct if looking to do a bulk buy.

Lumberjack has a large selection of wood pellet types ncluding hickory, pecan, apple, etc, as well as many blends. Check for a local seller, or online. Good deals if looking at a large buy too.

Both brands should work just fine in your Traeger
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