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Buck and Doe Success!

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Had my nieces Buck and Doe, cooked two twenty pound whole pork shoulders, and a twenty one pound Black Angus Beef shoulder roast, boned and tied. All meat came from local farms in my area.

Injected the pork with Chris Lilly's world champion pork shoulder injection. Simple but great! Coated with Magic Dust rub. Both recipes found in this forum. Beef was rubbed with Magic Dust, no injection.

Pork cooked on the RF at 240-250 approx 13 to 14 hrs., put roast beef on approx. four hrs. before pork was done. 

Pulled beef at 130* and wrapped it for 1/2 hr., as well as pork at 185-190. 

Pork pulled perfectly, and beef sliced juicy and med rare in the center.

Fed 100 plus people and there was very little left over.

One beef farmer attending said it was the most perfectly cooked and juicy BBQ beef that he ever had.

Also rave reviews on the pork.

"I think that I am getting better at this!", thanks to the great info and recommendations from this forum!

Not many "Q" views, got kind of busy explaining the UDS and cooking procedures.





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Looks good!

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The UDS that I had to explain was one that I built and donated for a draw prize.

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Nice looking PP!



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Looks good.  That's sure a lot of people to feed.  Glad it went well.



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Thanks' again on the explaining the Buck and Doe concept and your cook looks great-thumb1.gif

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